Samsung explores the future and has released a February’s update for the Galaxy Note20

Samsung has recently it has been very happy to release its monthly security updates for some phones before the month has begun. It’s not always the exact phones or the same series. It appears to be a bit random, but nearly every month, there’s at minimum one phone or family member that will benefit from the security patches for the coming month… this morning.

Today is one of the days. While we’re still January, and February is only a couple of days away, however, the Korean company didn’t want to wait any longer and released an update in February for its Samsung Galaxy Note20 as well as the Note20 Ultra. As of now, it is only being released in the Netherlands however, it’s likely to be rolled out in other European countries in the near future.

Samsung explores the future and has released a February's update for the Galaxy Note20

The new build is known as N98xxXXU3EVA9, and the “xx” is different depending on the specific model of your phone. There is currently no changelog to be found at this time.

In the usual way, if you haven’t received an update notification in time (and have your phone shipped in the Netherlands) You can visit Settings and open your Software Update menu. You can then check and force a manual test.

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